The Best Meat Slicer, Our Best Reviews For Slicing Stuff In The Kitchen

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We all love getting our teeth into a well-made sandwich now and then, don’t we? Because deli meat comes cheaper when you get it unsliced, if you love eating sandwiches on a regular frequently at home, it’s also an excellent way of saving money!

Instead of having to use a butcher’s knife or an electric knife to cut through your meat, a good meat slicer will make the slicing task a simple, quick, and enjoyable chore. The unit sits securely on your kitchen counter and with its saw-like slicing mechanism, it makes fast work of a deli meat chunk, pan roasted chicken breast or that roast you’ve just made.

So how can know the best home meat slicer model for your home? Below, I have reviewed the top 5 products in the market today for you. Highlights include major benefits and features which you should be aware of when considering your choice for the best food slicer.

1. Chef's Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

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The Model 615 is engineered for power, smooth operation and efficiency. It is handsomely styled and is the ideal solution for both professional and home chefs. If you are looking for innovative options when preparing your meals or want to enjoy freshly sliced foods, you have it in the Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer.

  • For efficient and fast slicing, the sleek construction has a tilted food carriage
  • Comes equipped with a 17 cm (7-inch) stainless steel blade
  • Easy to clean as it has a removable food carriage, blade, and food pusher
  • Has a thickness control plate.

The one special feature that makes this my best meat slicer is the locking mechanism for the food carriage. The Chef’s Choice 615 Premium also has a special press button that helps in securing the blade when not being used.

2. ARKSEN Electric Commercial Deli Meat Slicer

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The ARKSEN© Electric Commercial qualifies as the best home meat slicer. It is ideal when you want to efficiently and swiftly slice deli vegetables and meats. This slicer will pay for itself quickly as it allows you to make deli meats purchases in bulk. You can slice what is needed and then conveniently freeze the rest for later use, saving you money and time.

  • Easily slices your meat, vegetables, cheese, and bread
  • Serrated steel 7.5" blade cuts easily through frozen and tough meats
  • Adjust each cut thickness up to 5/8"
  • Light enough for nearly everyone.

According to food slicer reviews by Robert W. Powitz, some of the most microbiologically challenging items to clean are meat slicers. The ARKSEN© Electric Commercial has been manufactured and designed in compliance with valid health and safety health requirements making it ideal for both restaurants and home kitchens.

3. Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Maxi-Matic

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From the comfort of your home, enjoy freshly cut cheeses and meat slices with the Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Maxi-Matic. The home meat slicer has a heavy-duty aluminum die-cast exterior durability and long life plus a powerful 130-watt motor.

With the large slicing platform, you can slice a broad range of food items to make the perfect sandwich or for preparing appetizers and antipasti. The thickness is adjustable from razor thin slices up to a half-an-inch.

  • On/Off switch
  • Retractable and removable stainless steel 75" blade
  • Rubber feet provides stability
  • Easy-to-clean design.
  • The distance from the left is controlled in css.

The EMT-503B Maxi-Matic meat slicer is designed for home use but with a professional edge for added safety. Expert food slicer reviews have shown that this unit is excellent for all types of meats, veggies, and cheeses to give your family tasty sandwiches.

4. KWS Premium Commercial 420w Electric Meat Slicer

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The KWS MS-12N 12" is a high-quality semi- automatic stainless steel blade meat slicer. It has been specifically designed for use in commercial outlets like restaurants, butcher shops, commercial kitchen, farms, and delis. It can also be used in the home.

  • Cutting thickness 0-0.6"
  • Stainless Steel 12" premium blade
  • Sturdy and durable aluminum base
  • Powered by a 420-watts motor
  • Approved by ETL NSF FDA.

This product is the best food slicer, guaranteed to meet all your expectations. Cleaning the Premium Commercial 420w Electric Meat Slicer is easy as most parts are detachable. The components are sturdy and will give you outstanding results when slicing.

MS-12N 12" comes with an in-built dual whetstones sharpener and blade ring guard for safer use. The sharpener ensures your blade stays sharp for perfect slicing throughout.

5. EdgeCraft 610 Chef's Choice Premium

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The Chef's Choice is one of the best meat slicers available in the market today. Why do I say that? This electric food slicer aids in making quick and finely sliced cuts. Stainless steel, multi-purpose 7-inch blade will slice from deli-thin up to a thickness of 3/4-inch.

  • Made of cast aluminum and stainless steel for durability and sturdiness
  • Cool-running, gear-running high-torque motor
  • Large tilted capacity food carriage design provides efficient, fast food slicing
  • Convenient cord storage

This is ideal for deli-type meat slicers as it includes a convenient serving tray helpful when you want to spread out and serve the sliced food. You can conveniently store the unit’s cord when not being used. For convenient and easy cleaning, it has removable parts. Importantly, for unit safety, there is a fuse at the bottom that triggers automatic shutdown in the event of a power surge.


According to Demetri Dale, in terms of size, our meat tables have increased, while more hygienic food practices have become the norm. Worldwide, the meat slicer has now moved into the domestic setting from the cheese markets and butcher’s block.

When planning your food slicer purchase, it's important to consider exactly what you intend to slice and how much, as different units have different slicing capabilities for meats, vegetables, and cheeses.

While lighter duty, entry level slicers may offer you a considerably lower price tag when compared to the heavier duty, larger models, they may burn out quickly when consistently pushed beyond their normal capacity. Many are just good for vegetables and cheese slicing.

Heavier duty models generally incorporate more safety and usability features. The best home meat slicer may cost more, but depending on how frequently you make use of the product, it is possible to make up the difference in the long run due to increased productivity. Don’t forget, the higher end slicers also come with better safety features.

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The Best Meat Slicer, Our Best Reviews For Slicing Stuff In The Kitchen

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