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best rice cooker

Rice ranks among the most consumed food items globally, with billions of tons being produced and eaten every year. According to Roberto A. Ferdman, even in the US, where people generally consume a comparatively modest amount, plenty of rice is still eaten. It’s no wonder then that there are lots of different rice cookers on the market today.  We'll try to find the best rice cooker!

Rice cookers range from entry-level products to big and established brand names! You can make your choice from a modestly priced rice cooker, a pressure rice cooker, or a more expensive rice cooker cum steamer. But which among all these is the best rice cooker?

So let me take you through 5 top rice cookers available in today’s market. I am sure my review will enable you to make an informed choice rather just an educated guess.

A Complete Buying Guide - The Best Rice Cooker

rice cooker reviews

If you are in the market looking for a convenient way to feed your family with truly delicious rice, try the Instant Pot IP-LUX60-ENW. Whatever your style of preparing food, this is one of the best rice cookers today.

What are the Instant Pot IP-LUX60 benefits?

  • Pressure cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Steamer and warmer
  • Use it for sauting/browning meat or vegetables.

According to rice cooker reviews, it speeds up your cooking by 26 times while using up to 70% less energy. Your favorite rice dishes are within easy reach as the Instant Pot IP-LUX60 Programmable cooker has with 3 adjustable modes and 10 built-in programs.

The brushed stainless steel exterior of the cooker is finger print proof. I can assure you that cleaning this unit is very easy as the rice doesn't stick. This ranks as my best rice cooker!

aroma rice cooker review

Enjoy easy cooking with this quality Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. The ARC’s 15-hour programmable delay timer is the perfect solution for those hectic weekdays as you can add the rice and water in the morning as you head to the workplace. When you get home in the evening, your rice will be hot and ready!

  • Restaurant-quality rice
  • Delicious one-pot dishes
  • Healthy steamed meals

The Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer literally translates kitchen time into fun moments by taking the "cook" out of your home cooking! Imagine preparing all your meals at the mere touch of a button!

This is the perfect pressure cooker. It gives fluffy, not mushy rice - absolutely perfect! Once you are done with the cooking, the nonstick inner lid, cooking pot, and all other accessories are removable for quick cleaning.

best japanese rice cooker

Want something really big? This digital rice cooker will flawlessly give you 20 cups of restaurant quality rice. My aroma rice cooker review ranks this as a top contender for the best rice cooker. In addition, this heavy-duty digital product from Aroma can make stews and soups. It can even steam vegetables and meat simultaneously.

  • Programmable steam
  • Keep-warm facility
  • All cooker accessories are dishwasher-safe.
  • For easy cooking, this cooker comes with a 15-hour delay timer. Simply add your rice and water as you leave the house in the morning and the rice will be ready for you when you get back at night!

Cleaning your programmable cooker is easy as it has a non-stick steam tray and inner cooking pot. This Fuzzy Logic Aroma rice cooker offers you the perfect solution when you want to create easy dishes. It is ideal for keeping your food warm throughout the day or when you need to feed several people.

best brown rice cooker

Japanese companies are also stepping up their rice cooker exports. According to Euromonitor, in Japan, Zojirushi Corp is the largest rice cookers maker. With their Zojirushi Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker and Warmer, you can make tasty, perfect rice every time.

For example, if you want the best brown rice cooker, you can have it in the NS-LAC05XT Micom. The Zojirushi’s 3-cup (uncooked) capacity delivers 6 cups of restaurant-class cooked rice. The small unit footprint takes up minimal space on your counter.

Accessories include nonstick rice spatula, spatula holder, and measuring cup. Additionally, you get to enjoy an interchangeable beep and melody signal to inform you when the rice cooking cycle has ended.

  • LCD control panel
  • Fuzzy Logic technology
  • Clock and timer
  • Removable pot and non-stick interior
  • Automatic keep warm option.

This versatile rice cooker offers several cooking functions. Whether you want white rice/sushi, brown rice, mixed rice, it does a perfect job, hence why it is my best Japanese rice cooker. It is ideal for small families, couples, and singles.

tiger rice cooker review

Cooking rice with the JBV-A10U Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer from Tiger Corporation is easy. The uniquely designed Tacook plate makes it possible to continue making a simple main dish inside your rice cooker as the rice is steaming below. The steam originating from the rice rises upwards to cook the food inside the cooking plate.

  • 1-push operation
  • Non-stick easy-to-clean inner pan
  • Detachable inner cooking chamber
  • Also available is a Cookbook for the "Synchrony-cooking" function

My tiger rice cooker review shows that this innovative product comes with 4 cooking menu settings for the perfect white rice, brown rice, jasmine rice, and your other popular items. What sets the JBV-A10U-W apart is that the cooking plate has been so designed that the flavors coming from the cooking plate will not affect the texture or flavor of your rice.

This is certainly a top contender for best rice maker.


While rice is the lifeblood of so many cuisines, believe it or not, cooking good rice can be quite tricky! Since the available rice varieties are many, white, brown, jasmine, etc., cooking it is truly a form of art. A talent that demands you to be skilled in a number of things, from setting pressure, temperature monitoring, and deciding on the water amount that best fits your type of rice!

There are of course several reasons why some rice will taste better than others. It could be the type of grain or the ingredients and seasoning that go into your dish. However, often, it comes down to the way your rice was prepared. More precisely, it is whether you were using one of the best rice cookers.

Today, according to reviewers at, the rice cooker is a household tool being used by many. The best rice maker should ideally come with several convenient features quick cook settings, delayed start, and keep warm. With my comprehensive rice cooker reviews above, it is my hope you’re your task of picking the most suitable rice cooker has been hugely simplified.

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The Best Rice Cooker – We Review The Top 5 Rice Cookers

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