Best Dog Food for Pitbulls – The Top 5 Reviewed

Pitbulls belong to a hardy breed. They are generally medium-sized, very strong, and lean.  If they have to, they can survive on anything you feed them, just like a person or any other dog or pet.  As long as they get enough.  But of course, you want your pitbull dog to live happy and healthy and happy. So the best idea is to feed them a food that is well-balanced, nutritious, and full of protein.  Therefore, we present to you what we consider to be the best dog food for pitbulls.

Some regular brands of dog food will not be sufficient for a truly healthy pitbull. Often chicken is listed as the primary ingredient.  But when it finally gets to the bag, it may only make up about 10 per cent of the weight.

Generally, the less you pay for a dog food, the more filler there is.  This is usually in the form of grains or left over animal parts, like bones or fat.  This is not what your pitbull wants or needs.  Other fillers are soy or corn. These ingredients are not nearly as good for your pitbull as real, healthy protein.  High protein percentage builds strong muscle and keeps your pitbull healthy and lean.  The best dog food for pitbulls will include plenty of protein.

Another critical factor is fat.  Some dog foods have a lot of fat, upwards of 10-20%.  The problem here is that for the average dog, and especially pitbulls, which are generally lean, too much fat can be damaging to the pancreas or liver.

It is fairly simple to analyze dog foods, and basically you get what you pay for.  Make sure you see good, high-quality meat products like sustainable fish or chicken, and not “meat by products” from animal parts that you would not want to eat yourself.  In a dry dog food, basically there is going to be some meal that provides carbohydrates and makes the dog food hold together.  Many quality dog food avoid wheat and some other grains.  So look for “grain-free” foods.  Then you won’t have to worry about your dog being allergic to grain.

Though you might think that it is not worth it to buy high protein food as the best dog food for pitbulls, you may want to consider that if you are wrong and buy low quality food, one trip to the vet for a food-based problem will wake you up right away in terms of cost.  Think of paying for the best dog food for pitbulls as a way to make an investment in their health.  Just like for yourself, get best dog food for pitbulls so that you give your pitbull great care and nutrition.

Instead of giving your dog large treats, get smaller treats or cut the treats into smaller pieces. Large treats may meet a large dog’s appetite, but if you give your dog too many, they may put on weight. Instead of buying treats supposedly designed for large dogs, step down a size and give your dog smaller treats. That way they will be getting a lesser amount without having to cut down on how many they get per day.  They will probably eat it fast anyway and not notice the difference when given a small treat!

In order to be included in our choices the best dog food for pitbulls, dry dog foods have to have the following qualities:

  • Main ingredients must be good enough for humans.  Obviously dog food is not mean for human use, but best dog food for pitbulls must be excellent quality, almost to the point of being human-edible, from good quality animal sources.
  • Food has to not include large amounts of fillers such as rice, soybeans or other low-grade ingredients.
  • Food should not be mainly grain.  Of course food has to have some carbs, especially in completely dry pet food that has to be kibble!  However pitbulls are basically meat-eaters, so the best dog food for pitbulls should be mostly meat.
  • Preferably, 70 % of the food’s protein should come from excellent quality animal resources, not plant resources.

Food should be natural and not include chemicals such as BHA or BHT.

Summary of Dog Food Reviews

Orijen Adult Dog Food 28.6lb bag

glucosamine chondroitin for dogs picture of orijen adult dog food 28.6 lb B0093OMIJ0 orijen dog food
best dog food for pitbulls picture of orijen adult dog food 28.6 lb B0093OMIJ0 orijen dog food
The proven all-around best dog food for pitbulls comes from Orijen.  We recommend all types of Orijen food.  Shown here is Orijen Adult Dog Food 28.6lb bag. The highest percentage of inquiries we get on our web site is for Orijen dog food.  From puppy to senior, Orijen is high-quality and provides proper nutrition.

Orijen recognizes that dogs were not made to eat substantial amounts of grain. All Orijen foods contain at the very least 70 % meat, no grain, and the rest is vegetables and fruit.  They supply a food that is close to what would be their natural food in the wild.

Orijen dry food generally contains many fresh meats and fish. Orijen uses free-range meats without antibiotics or growth hormones. Orijen pays to get the best.

Orijen Adult Dog Food 28.6lb bag

picture of acana grasslands dry dog food best dog food for pitbulls
best dog food for pitbulls picture of acana grasslands dry dog food

Acana dog food is a sister product to Orijen, and both come from Champion Pet Foods, a Canadian company.

Acana’s foods have a little more carbohydrate and a little less protein . They use fewer fist and meat resources compared to Orijen.  The idea, however, is to produce a great dog food, but a little less expensive.

Regardless of the a little reduced rate point, these 3 Acana foods are outstanding. Grasslands functions boneless lamb, lamb dish, salmon, herring, peas, russet potato, as well as chicken fat (normally maintained with vitamin E) as the main active ingredients. The minor components are pleasant potato, alfalfa, walleye fish, lamb flavor, duck, entire eggs, and an amazing assortment of veggies, herbs, fruits, and supplements.

Pacifica is composed of 55 % fish. The cornerstones are ground salmon, potatoes, fresh salmon and herring, pumpkin and peas. Also there is other good stuff like vegetables, seaweed, fruits, vitamins, probiotics, and also minerals and herbs.

Wild Meadow is a poultry and also fish formula. The cornerstones are poultry meal, russet potato, deboned chicken, deboned walleye, whitefish dish, peas, and poultry fat (normally maintained with vitamin E). Minor ingredients consist of sun-cured alfalfa, poultry liver, deboned Lake Whitefish, whole eggs, salmon oil, as well as numerous veggies, fruits, natural herbs, probiotics, and also vitamins and also minerals.

All three solutions are 33 % healthy protein as well as 15-17 % fat. The omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid proportion is 5.5:1. These Arcana foods agree with for all life phases. Calcium levels are proper for large breed puppies.

Acana Grasslands, Pacifica, as well as Wild Grassy field solutions generally cost $52 for a 29.7 extra pound bag.

bes dog food for pitbulls picture of taste of the wild dry dog food high prairieTaste of the Wild is a natural human-grade line including wild video game meats such as bison, duck, venison, as well as quail as component of their formulas. All meats are hormone and antibiotic cost-free. The incorporation of little amounts of cooked as well as smoked meats as “preference boosters” guarantees that pets go wild over Preference of the Wild.

We likewise such as the use of wonderful potato as the major carb source. Regardless of the name and also the sweet preference, sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index compared to regular potatoes. They are additionally more nutritious, supplying particularly high levels of useful antioxidants.

High Meadow features bison, lamb meal, poultry dish, egg product, wonderful potatoes, peas, potatoes, and canola oil as the major ingredients. This food is 32 % healthy protein and 18 % fat with an omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid proportion of 9.3:1, which is not great.

Pacific Stream is a fish recipe that’s considerably lower in protein as well as higher in carbohydrate than a lot of grainless foods. This is done to maintain the price down given that salmon is costly. The primary components are salmon, sea fish dish, good potatoes, potatoes, and also canola oil. Other active ingredients include salmon dish, smoked salmon, potato fiber, organic flavor, salt, tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries, plus probiotics, prebiotics, and also vitamin and also mineral supplements. This food is 25 % healthy protein and also 15 % fat. The omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio is 8:1.

The primary active ingredients in Wetlands are duck, duck meal, poultry dish, egg product, good potatoes, peas, as well as chicken fat (protected with blended tocopherols). This food is 32 % healthy protein and 18 % fat.

Some carbs are inevitable in dry pet dog food or the kibble pieces would not preserve their shape, yet considering that pet dogs are predators, we’re looking for foods that are mostly meat. Orijen dry canine foods commonly have five or 6 different fresh meats as well as at the very least 4 high quality meat as well as fish meals. Keep in mind though that you will certainly require to feed much much less of a calorie thick food with high digestibility such as Orijen, so the price difference between an incredibly costs food and also a traditional brand name isn’t really in fact as huge as it would certainly appear.

Taste of the Wild has validated to us that all foods with an expiry date of June 2011 or later on contain fish dish that is maintained only with mixed tocopherols (vitamin E).

Finest Well-rounded Pet dog Food – Orijen

Best Moderately-Priced Grainless Food – Acana, Taste of bush, Canidae
Finest Dry Food for Weight-loss – Wellness CORE
Ideal Solitary Meat Source – Dog Caviar
Ideal Economical Dry Food – Chicken Soup for the Pet dog Fan’s Heart
Honorable Mention Dog Foods

Taste of the Wild B000W5SLB8

Orijen Adult Dog Food

Bully Max Supplement  B0073MGA8Y

Orijen Adult Dog Food B0093OMIJ0

Best Dog Food for Pitbulls – Best Reviews Guru





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