Best Digital Camera Under 100 – A Complete Buying Guide

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What is the best digital camera under 100 dollars?  We will describe and rate here the top low-cost cameras, and give you a lot of information about them, and cameras in general. Right off the bat, we think the Sony W800/S is the best digital camera under 100 dollars.

In our modern society, the digital camera has become an essential piece of equipment in nearly every home and office. For a lot of people, getting the best action camera under 100 is really important, because these devices assist individuals to record and capture memorable moments to be treasured for ages such as anniversaries, birthday parties or weddings. A camera helps us to share our perspective of the world with members of the family and friends through photos and videos.

Today, we want to visually record every moment or event in our lives. This has made it necessary to have a digital camera with us always, a sort-of-daily carry-along item. Unless of course, you are a pro photographer who requires top-notch quality prints and very high resolutions, the market today has something less complicated for you; and more pocket-friendly too.

Currently, the total number of photographs that get clicked every two minutes is estimated to be the same as the number that was clicked by the entire mankind in 1800s.

Of course, there is a huge price and quality difference between the digi-cams we used a couple of years ago and the cutting edge DSLRs used by pros today. The good news, however, is that thanks to advances in technology, you can get good cameras under 100 which are also great performers!

And of course, while some of these low-priced cameras may not be the greatest or latest models, they have been proven to still deliver the required goods. If you want to take your photography to the next level as a professional or as a serious hobby, then what you need is a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, in short, DSLR.

So, I have reviewed some of the best cameras under 100 dollars. Let’s look at them now and then you can pick your best camera under 100.

Best Digital Camera Under 100 Buying Guide






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Sony W800/S 20 MP Digital Camera

Digital Camera


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Nikon Coolpix S2800 Camera

Point and Shoot Camera


Image of best cameras under 100

Olympus VG-160 14MP Digital Camera

Digital Camera


Image of best action camera under 100

Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ51 16 MP Digital Camera

Point and Shoot Camera


Image of Canon ELPH best cameras under 100

Canon PowerShot ELPH 160

Digital Camera


1. Sony W800/S 20 MP Digital Camera

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For cameras under 100 bucks, you cannot get anything better than this Sony product. Why? With the 5x optical zoom plus, you can get up close to the action you want to capture without having to move your feet. With Sweep Panorama mode, reach beyond the normal wide angle lens, and capture those breathtaking shots.

The Smile Shutter technology feature captures that special smile at the precise the moment it is happening. All you need to do is to just press the button and your camera takes over. No big surprise that many reviews have rated the Sony W800 best camera under 100 today.

Standard packaging comes with:

  • 5x Optical Zoom Sony Lens
  • For beautifully detailed imagesBottom of Form MP Super HAD CCD sensor
  • SteadyShot Image stabilization for reduced blur
  • 720p HD Movie mode
  • Camera menu with Easy Mode

The Sony W800/S Picture Effect brings a whole new level of expression to your photos. It makes ordinary portraits and landscapes come to life by emphasizing certain attributes and heightening the mood.

An in-built instruction guide easily allows the user to search functions according as per the needs wherever the location. Certainly, this is the best action camera under 100 bucks today.

2. Nikon Coolpix S2800 Camera

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The Nikon Coolpix is the perfect digital camera for easy snapping and is very pocket-friendly. With 20 megapixels, this is one of the best cameras under 100 out there. Although this version was originally meant for sale outside the US and as such doesn’t come with a warranty, it remains a good bargain.

Make yourself, family and your friends look awesome in great portraits. The special and advanced camera functions reduces glare, softens skin tones, makes cheeks redder, and more. With the Nikon Coolpix, you can easily highlight a person in a black & white shot, giving it an old-time look.

Main S2800 features:

  • 2.7 inch 230k dot LCD screen.
  • 20.1 megapixel CCD sensor
  • 5x optical zoom lens
  • 720p HD video recording

The Coolpix S2800 is available in a variety of colors and is a top contender for best camera under 100 dollars. This is one of the best digital camera under 100 units today as it will give you nice pictures and excellent video recording.

The slim and stylish 2800 is certain to turn your fun family moments into memorable records to be cherished forever by all. Being slim, you'll gladly and conveniently take it everywhere you go and bring those great memories home.

3. Olympus VG-160 14MP Digital Camera

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This camera is good for a casual user and is a good looker with some impressive features. It has received good reviews from customers. It is available in several fascinating and charming colors too, very appealing to the eye.

The Olympus VG-160 14MP Digital Camera will automatically identify the scene you’re targeting for you. It has nearly 30 diverse scene modes, adjusting the settings to give you the most ideal results. As one of the best digital camera under 100, the Olympus VG 160 has some formidable features.

  • 5x Optical Zoom.
  • 14MP Digital Camera
  • 26mm Wide-Angle Lens
  • HD Video
  • Intelligent Auto

Brains and beauty – this is how reviewers have summarized the VG-160 digital camera. A one-touch simple button allows movies recording with amazing clarity in HD straight from your camera. Options and value are what you get from the Olympus VG-160 14MP Digital Camera –perhaps the best digital camera under 100 deals available today.

4. Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ51 16 MP Digital Camera

Image of best action camera under 100

Meet the Friendly Zoom from the new collection of digital cameras under 100 from KODAK. Thanks to the versatile 16MP CCD Sensor, with the FZ51 digital camera, you can now easily capture pictures with contrast and beautiful real life clarity and contrast. The powerful 4x Optical Zoom takes you straight into where the action is taking place.

The wide angle 24 mm lenses facilitate stepping up the frame so that it fits your subject without having to take a couple of steps back. This compact shooter comes to you with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

  • Powerful 16.1-megapixel CCD sensor
  • 28mm wide angle lens
  • Panning Shot mode when shooting in motion
  • Face Detection/Auto Exposure/Blink/Smile Detection for capturing that perfect moment
  • Use Red-eye removal for instant portraits touch-up.

The abundance of features in this digital camera lets you express your inner creativity to the full. Auto Exposure and Face Detection functions detect the person’s facial features, enhancing it for best highlighting. Another awesome feature is the Blink/Smile Detection that assists you to capture that magic moment.

Compared to its peers, this camera is lighter, smaller, and takes pictures of better quality with less fiddling. It helps to tell your story and is perhaps the best action camera under 100 bargains.

5. Canon PowerShot ELPH 160

Image of Canon ELPH best cameras under 100

Stylish and easy to use, the Canon ELPH 160 camera has been designed for hassle-free memories capture. Image quality is detailed and sharp. This has been rated by many reviews as the best point and shoot camera under 100 bucks.

The PowerShot ELPH 160 offers shooting modes that will easily give your pictures a distinctly artistic touch without having to employ filters or extra lenses. When you are shooting in Smart AUTO mode, automatically it selects the best camera settings based on the scene to achieve the best possible image quality.

  • 8x Optical Zoom
  • 20.0 Megapixel sensor
  • DIGIC 4+ Image Processor
  • Shoot 720p HD video
  • Intelligent Smart AUTO

With the slim and fashionable PowerShot ELPH 160, you will shoot amazing HD video anywhere and anytime. The video captured in 720p HD is vivid, smooth, and stunningly lifelike, the perfect way to record your special family moments. All this is easy as the camera has a dedicated movie button for instant recording.

Preserve your cherished memories easily and beautifully with one of the best point and shoot camera under 100 deals available today. Stylish and easy to use as well, the ELPH 160 camera from Canon is rated among the best camera under 100 units, designed to facilitate hassle-free capturing of those special moments.

Best Digital Camera Under 100 Buying Guide

Taking photographs may have begun as more of a cultural thing but it has quickly turned into a habitual societal trend. Together with our purses and wallets, the digital camera has now become a must carry-along item because of our increasingly impulsive craving to have every moment of our lives visually documented.

Manufacturers have to make several compromises towards keeping the cost of even the best action camera under 100 at reasonable levels. Options include making smaller LCD screens, reduced picture quality, slower response times, SD movies instead of HD, shorter battery life and in a number of instances, lower build quality.

The encouraging is that today there are still some good performers out there if you are operating on a very restrictive budget, including some sleek-looking mirrorless cameras, advanced high-end compacts, quality entry-level DSLRs, as well as several bridge cameras.

What To Look For

Just as they are nice, digital cameras can also be as expensive. They usually come with a host of quality features and diverse functionalities which could considerably boost their prices. While finding the latest camera for less than 100 dollars may not be too difficult, getting the best digital camera under 100 dollars may be another story altogether.

This is because there are certain qualities and features that go into determining the quality of each individual digital camera, as well as your own personal preferences.

Some of the features and functionalities you should look out for in good cameras under 100 include the following:


You will be forgiven for thinking that the more pixels your camera’s sensor has utilized, the more detail gets recorded, for, in theory, you are not far off the mark. However, in real terms, that is only half of the story. Having more pixels does not necessarily always imply better pictures. This is because camera designers have to balance the pixels number with how small those pixels must be in order to fit on the camera’s sensor.

Ensure that the camera you are intending to acquire has sensors that are sufficiently strong to help you in taking highly stable pictures, really detailed even in the dark without having to resort to the flash. Ideally, go for a DSLR camera model that ranges anywhere from 12 to 50 million pixels for quality images.

Camera Menus

A critical aspect worth keen consideration is the camera menu. Ensure the menu system is easy-to-use and relatively straight forward. Remember that although every camera, including the best point and shoot camera under 100 is going to be different, generally, you should at least be able to easily figure the menu system navigation without having to consult the manual for every move. A menu should obviously not be so complicated as to hinder you from using the device!


Some digital camera models could take some time in taking photos, and perhaps even more in starting up. This may cause you to miss those rare moments. While even the best digital camera under 100 bucks may not be classified as being extremely quick, you can still get several that will certainly deliver fast enough.

And unless of course, you are already a pro who requires very detailed image prints quality and very high resolutions, the market has a whole range of digital cameras that will serve most basic requirements for under $100.


explanation of iso speed values for best camera under 100

The sensitivity of your camera to light is controlled by the ISO. When you increase the sensor sensitivity you will have better ability to shoot in areas that are darker or poorly lit even without having to use a flash. Therefore, as you search for your ideal sub $100 camera, look for one that offers at least ISO 1600. Some can go as high as 102,000!

Usually, higher ISOs may also mean more noise in terms of colored speckles as well as grainier images. However, as camera performance is getting better each day with regard to noise performance, you can still get useable images even when you are at higher ISOs.


Even cameras with a lowly 5-megapixel can still generate good prints, the kind that will easily fit in any photo frame (4x6, 5x7 or 9x10 inches). The majority of cheap digital cameras will offer you at least 14Mp. What is important to note is that megapixels are really only a single part of what goes into making a great camera. Therefore don’t allow yourself to become totally distracted by the huge publicity marketers give to this aspect.

What you need to take into consideration is the kind of image resolution you need for your purposes. For example, if you regularly make huge canvases, you are going to need more megapixels than if you are planning to mainly print 4x6 images.

Video - Megapixels Explained

Lens & Zoom

Digital zoom magnifies the image pixels after you have taken the photo. When using an optical zoom, your camera’s lens is designed to magnify an image to give you much sharper results. Commenting on how to choose a digital camera, Amy Davies writes that if you are planning on acquiring a DSLR, it is important to verify the lenses that come with each model. It’s certainly of no use to purchase the body only to find out that the needed lenses may be very costly.

Build Quality

Making a decision about a new camera can be a challenging undertaking, task, not least due to the vast options open to you. A key aspect to think about when buying is how the camera actually feels when in your hands. Remember are going to have this device in your hands quite a lot if you love photography, so getting one that has the right feel is important. Read what online reviews have to say about this aspect.

Some digital cameras may be lightweight and pocket-sized, but you don’t have to settle for any model that has a flimsy feel or clumsy build.

Manual Mode

It is important to verify whether the camera you got your eyes on has a manual mode. Lauren Lin advises that although the majority of DSLRs have manual mode when buying an under $100 product, it’s good to verify its availability.

When using the automatic mode, it is the camera that selects shutter speed, aperture, and the ISO for you. With the manual mode, you have full creative control over the level of image exposure. With the manual mode, it is you who selects these aspects, giving you more control over the outcome of your images.

Face Detection & Image Stabilization

The face detection feature works by detecting automatically those people in the camera frame as you are composing the shot. When you get a good digital camera it can accurately recognize the faces, even when you are working in conditions of low light.

Image stabilization helps in reducing any blurriness in your photos that is usually caused by shakiness. Even the cheapest digital cameras will normally generate sharp images regardless of the shooting environment.


Some of the best cameras under 100 are now offering Wi-Fi wirelessly enabling you to transfer photos to your tablet, computer or mobile phone. The majority of camera makers are now offering free apps to assist with this process; with several even allowing you to use the touchscreen as your viewfinder.

Quality Of Photo In Low Light

A poor quality digital camera is likely to offer fuzzy photos if you are working in areas of low light. These are likely to have little detail and imbalanced colors. The best cameras under 100 dollars are not likely to suffer very much under such tough conditions.

Camera Weight & Portability

Being realistic about how serious you want to take your photography is very important. For example, carting a heavy and big digital camera is an inconvenience and a serious commitment. Unless photography is serious business for you, there is a likelihood of you ending up leaving the baggage at home, perhaps even wishing you had acquired something lighter. This is really important, so ensure you get a camera that not just pleases your eyes, but one you will be comfortable with in terms of weight and portability.

However, the weight and size of a camera don’t have a direct relation to the quality of photos you take. Therefore, it would be erroneous to assume that bigger translates to better. In general, compact digital cameras are more pocket-friendly, while Digital SLRs tend to require lots more of lugging power.

Camera Storage

The majority of cameras support some form of external storage, although there are few that don’t. You will probably want to avoid those for convenience purposes. Even the smallest of the compact digital cameras at least come with 64 gigabytes for your internal storage. Getting one that provides on the minimum 32 gigabytes of external storage is a better option.


Every day across the globe, millions of photos and selfies are being captured, videos documented, and much more. Over the decades, the choice of weapon used in snapping these moments has varied widely due to individual preference and availability.

If you are in search of the best digital camera under 100, the above 5 are amazing performers. According to many customer reviews, they are extremely good cameras if you are a casual photographer. They are what you can call stress-free cameras. A budget digital camera becomes very handy whether you are just mastering the art after upgrading from your smartphone, or simply enjoying a day out or when on holiday.

Of course, one of the chief reasons why these cameras are ranked highly on my list is because they are still in great demand due to their favorable price range. However, their appeal isn’t just because they come cheaply, but more due to the value for money they offer.

Just half a decade ago, the technology employed in these digital cameras was still deemed to be cutting edge, and thus rather expensive. However, due to the rapid progression of innovative imaging technology, major companies like Olympus, Canon, Sony, Nikon, Kodak, and Panasonic are now able to significantly lower the prices of their models which cannot really be considered as too out-dated.

As such, though of course with a higher price range you can expect better resolution and image quality, chronologically, these are still good cameras under 100. In fact, they aren’t that far behind technology-wise… except for in their price!

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Best Digital Camera Under 100 – A Complete Guide

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