The Best In-Ear Monitors – Great For The Pros And For You!

best in ear monitors

If you really want to have an awesome in-ear listening experience, it’s very important that you invest in good set of in-ear monitors. Discussing about facts and myths about in ear monitors, Paul Irwin notes that good IEM’s allow you to pinpoint and take charge of what you are hearing on the stage. Further, Paul notes that while in ear monitors may take a bit longer to get used to for a first timer, in the long-run, they are worth the investment.

When selecting your earphones, the most important thing is how good they sound. This is why I recommend that you first obtain the best sounding set of in-ears <see my article on best ear buds >. Later perhaps, you can consider adding the “extras” you may need like custom molding and wireless link. However, even the best of earbuds have a major shortcoming. Most lack the power of fully blocking out all ambient noise, so you end up turning up the volume to compensate.

This is where getting the best custom in ear monitors becomes indispensable. Below, I have selected only the 5 best in ear monitors currently available in the market.

A Buying Guide The Best In-Ear Monitors – Great For The Pros And For You!

1. Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones

best in ear monitors

This headset has been designed specifically for audio professionals. The 40 mm drivers are made to deliver accurate sound across the full frequency range. I strongly recommend these as the best in ear monitors for singers and drummers alike. They are excellent for high-fidelity listening and monitoring your recordings.

The standard packaging includes:

  • 40mm drivers for detailed, powerful sound
  • 5 Hz - 30 kHz wide frequency response
  • 10-foot oxygen free copper cord
  • Easy portability and compact storage.

Your ears are kept comfortable by the unique design. For improved handling, the Sony MDRV6 has an aluminum coil wire that is copper-clad, making it one of my best in ear monitors.

These custom-made in ear monitors completely eliminate noise from the outside world making it my choice for best in ear monitors for drummers and singers alike.

2. MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-Fit

best custom in ear monitors

The MEE M6 was designed after consulting professional musicians. This makes it one of the best in ear monitors for singers. It is an excellent in-ear earbud suitable for the stage, gym sessions, and even the street.

The low-profile, lightweight M6 PRO is designed for lengthy listening sessions. It uses 7 pairs of eartips and a flexible memory wire that provides a personalized, secure fit. This eliminates any need of having to constantly re-adjust your earphones.

The M6 PRO is engineered for durability, is sweat-resistant, has 2 replaceable, detachable cables - a high-grade stereo cable and a headset cable. The headset cable features an in-built remote button, volume control, and microphone allowing you to easily take and make calls.

3. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Monitor Headphones

best in ear monitors for drummers

These are definitely some of the best in ear monitors for drummers and professional singers. Why do I say so? Because their design perfectly contours around your ears for excellent noise cancelling and sound isolation. A very useful feature when you are in loud environments.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x has received praise by audio engineers and reviewers for excellent performance. Besides the coveted sonic signature, the ATH-M50x professional monitor headphones now come with the added feature of fully detachable cables.

The highly acclaimed ATH-M50x gives exceptional clarity across the frequency range, as well accurate and deep bass response. The M50x will give you an unmatched experience made possible by the sound isolating earcups, large drivers, and very robust construction.

4. Panasonic Retro Best in Class RP-HTX7-A1

best in ear monitors

This is what I can only describe as a case of cutting-edge monitoring technology meeting award-winning Panasonic styling. The powerful, large RP-HTX7 Headphones 40mm drivers deliver resonant bass that is accompanied by precise, crisp mids and highs. No wonder they make my best custom in ear monitors list.

The RP-HTX7 over-the-ear monitor headphones deliver sound that is highly-accurate with precise detail from one frequency range to the other. The fit of the RP-HTX7 is sufficiently snug to keep out all ambient noise. It stays put throughout your long sessions, yet remains comfortable.

Because of the large 40mm drivers, it can give strong enveloping bass, free from distortion, even when you play the music at a higher volume.

5. Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

best in ear monitors for singers

The Shure SE846 comes with a special design that utilizes a groundbreaking low-pass filter. The technology enables the listener to enjoy deep low-end performance as would be expected of a true subwoofer. This is achieved without sacrificing detail or clarity of the mids or highs.

A wide variety of accessories, detachable cables, and customizable frequency response ensure a perfectly tailored, unequalled listening experience. This will satisfy even the most perceptive audio enthusiasts. This is one important factor that qualified the Shure SE846-CL as one of my best in ear monitors for singers.

Ambient noise gets blocked by comfortable and well-fitting sound isolating sleeves to give you an inspiring listening experience, whether on-the-go or onstage.


Advances in technology have made it possible to have consistent and good sound when performing on stage, hence better results. These are boosted by freedom of movement and uncluttered set designs. For instance, today, the combination of in-ear monitors that have a wireless mic is a common stage sight.

Writing about in ear monitors, Keith Gordon observes that for most performers, the benefits of using them outweigh their downsides. This becomes particularly true after the performer has taken some time to get used to them. This is expected when using any new gadget.

Finally, Aaron Stanilius reminds us that not every set of earbuds makes an in-ear monitor. Some of the earbuds commonly used for listening to music via your smartphone may be lacking in the features found in headphones designed for the best in ear monitors.

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The Best In-Ear Monitors – Great For The Pros And For You!

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