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most expensive headphones

If you're still on that free set of free earbuds that came with your gadget when you bought it six months ago, I recommend you consider getting an upgrade. You will never know what you are missing until you try some of the most expensive headphones around!

However, despite these headphones being among the most expensive products, it still pays to get one that best meets your individual needs <check my top 5 best ear buds>. Most expensive may not necessarily translate to best when it comes to your individual needs. The truth is that you can still get one of the best headphones under 1000 that will amaze you by the sound quality they produce.

Whether you want to upgrade or are just curious, below is my list of the most expensive headphones in the market today.

A Buying Guide The Most Expensive Headphones

1. Sennheiser HD800 Professional Studio Over-Ear Headphones

most expensive headphones

The moment you slip on the HD 800 from Sennheiser, you'll hear natural sound that is intensely realistic - so real that you will be forgiven for thinking you're hearing it straight from the real source.

How is it that possible, you may want to ask? Because of the following:

  • 56mm high-definition ring radiator drivers
  • Silver-plated oxygen-free copper center conductor
  • Over-the-ear open earcups
  • 9-foot shielded cable.

The features of the HD 800 are specially designed to eliminate all distorting resonances and re-create the clearest sound possible. At over 3000 bucks, the Sennheiser HD800 headphones are certainly some of the most expensive headphones in the market today, yet these are worth every penny that you spend.

2. HiFiMAN HE6 Headphones

most expensive headphones

If you wish to go over the 1000 dollar headphones boundary, the HIFIMAN HE-6 is considered by many to be among the finest in the world. It features the proprietary planar magnetic technology from HiFiMAN to give you a no-compromise design, and it goes for nearly $1,300.

For that level of investment, you get headphones of unmatched transparency that are worth every coin spent. In nearly all fronts, the HE-6 offers unbelievable performance, including comfort and build quality.

The sound output is also extremely well-balanced on the HiFiMAN HE-6 headphones, and has also been described by lots of buyers and reviewers as “lifelike.” This product is also getting lots of praise for the powerful bass they give.

3. Audio Technica ATH-W5000 | Dynamic Headphones

best headphones under 1000

According to a medical article by UK’s NHS, the key to hearing healthy is when you know how much loud sound you are getting exposed to. While 1000 dollar headphones are good and give quality sounds, when you invest a couple more dollars, you get excellence and better protection.

At slightly over $1,500, the ATH-W5000 headphones are stylish, endowed with cutting-edge design, and exceptional sound characteristics. These attributes have earned them wide recognition as top contenders for the best-sounding earpads available in the market today.

Some other key features of the ATH-W5000 that make them outstanding include:

  • Magnesium-alloy frame
  • 8N-Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) voice coils
  • 53mm drivers
  • Frequency response of between 5 Hz and 45,000 Hz.

4. Beyerdynamic T5p Tesla Audiophile Portable and Home Audio Stereo Headphone

1000 dollar earbuds

Going for about 700 bucks on Amazon, these are some of my best headphones under 1000. Combining low-impedance drivers with Tesla technology, these under 1000 dollar earbuds from T5P are optimized for your mobile products.

What you will experience is expressive sound from the first moment you wear them as well as excellent ambient noise cancellation. The closed design of the T5p Tesla Audiophile’s earcup is hand-crafted in Germany to shield all ambient noise. The padded headband and earpads have used materials of the highest quality for your continuous comfort.

These are ideal headphones for all your portable devices because of the Tesla transducer technology, and they come with a double sided cable. With such features, this is a worthy under 1000 dollar headphones bargain.

5. Grado Reference Series RS1e

1000 dollar headphones

Looking for some of the best headphones under 1000? Search no further because for about 700 bucks at Amazon, the RS1e is a masterpiece and certainly one of the best headphones under 1000 deals today.

The Grado RS1e earpieces have been designed to use an intricate curing process meant to optimize the tonal quality. At the same time, they have received a new look. The final result is a controlled, smooth, and coherent sound mix with very detailed dynamics.

The Grado RS1e excels at giving you what sound experts call real definition. At the high, they bring one of the silkiest presentations you will ever listen to in any headphones. You will be amazed at what they make of any music you feed them. They will bring it forth in a beautifully balanced way that you will simply love.


To the majority of us, spending over 1000 bucks on a set of headphones may be a bit over our budget estimation for such a luxury gadget. However, to be fair, most of these most expensive headphones actually go a step further than just giving us music. Yes, I agree they may be expensive headphones, but they offer a combination of superior sound, luxury build and design quality.

For example, 1000 dollar earbuds are certain to be great products. Why do I say that? This is because they have additional features that enhance your music. According to Matt Smith, a1000 dollar earbuds set will most likely have a better performing headphone amplifier. A good amp can greatly boost the quality of your listening experience. They bring out music details that you may not hear with cheaper earbuds.

In a review of headphones, Allan Henry concludes for us that our music will be crisper and clearer, with comfortable highs, and bass that is sounding less muddy, if we are willing to invest more into it! Additionally, quality (which is expensive!) also brings benefits like a premium feel, convenient, and superb comfort.

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See The Most Expensive Headphones – We Review And Compare

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