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BestSellers.Guru is an Affiliate Website for various suppliers including Amazon.com. It is operated by Aloha Creek, a company described in the “Terms of Use” Statement, which you can reach by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

The website was first published on January 6, 2015, and new reviews are published and existing reviews are updated on an ongoing basis.


BestSellers.Guru’s mission is to provide useful reviews and recommendations for various product and services available on the Internet. Our team of product analysts, ranging from ourselves to consultants working with us and customers of our product suppliers, analyze a vast range of product information and comparisons. By distilling this information to a useful summary, we can offer a valuable conduit for our website visitors to select and purchase what we consider to be the best and most valuable products and services from our product affiliate providers. We derive income from commissions on products purchased from our providers, and from advertisers who choose to advertise on our website.


JB Leep
Mr. Leep has over 45 years of experience in various business enterprises, including women’s retail clothing, software design and software company management, nationwide computer retail, computer manufacturing, and website design and management. He graduated from Stanford University, ’72, BSEE.

After working for 6 years at in management positions of one of the largest computer retailers in the United States in the 1980’s, Mr. Leep founded and ran his own successful software company for 20 years with his wife, Carol Martin. Upon retirement, he traveled in Europe with his wife for a couple years. In 2014, he wanted to become involved more in Internet marketing and sales, and after much experimentation with potential markets, decided to found Best Review Guru as an affiliate marketing and paid-for advertising website.

Mr. Leep, in order to reduce personal visibility on the Internet, sometimes uses the pseudonym JB Rosetti.

Carol Martin
Ms. Martin has over 45 years experience in property management, accounting, and software design and management. She graduated from the University of California, Riverside, ’70, BS Political Science.

After many years in property development and mortgage management in the San Diego area, Ms. Martin ran a retail computer and accounting consulting business for 10 years. She founded and ran a successful software company with her husband, Mr. Leep, for 20 years. Upon retirement, she traveled with her husband in Europe for a couple years. She is an expert at software conceptualization, design and management, an experienced accounting consultant, and an aspiring watercolor painter.

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