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Globus Journeys’ website says, “Globus, the main part of the family of the Globus brands, has been a leader in escorted tours around Europe, river cruises and all sorts of travel packages for 85 years.” That’s quite a record! This should indicate that there are a lot of positive Globus Tours Reviews. There are not many companies that are still around after 85 years. (According the the Small Business Administration, only one third of companies get past 10 years. Less than 20% last past 15 year.)

Globus tours travelers say Globus Journeys’ Tours to Italy usually include a lot of sights into the tour. Tand ravelers may be required to buy many of their own dinners lunches. It can be tough when in a strange city to find restaurants you are happy with, and maybe intimidating. Usually guides suggest one or two restaurants that they have found will satisfy most people. So Globus Journeys Reviews are generally pretty good.

Globus Reviews Italy Tours, Global Journeys picture of Colossium in Rome

Rome Colosseum from Global Journeys website

Globus Journeys’ own website has 141 Globus tours reviews as of the date of the publication of this web page. The average rating is 4.5 out of 5. Needless to say, there is some question how much stock you put in a company’s self-published reviews. This applies to all Italy Tours websites.

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Anyway, there are numerous 5-star Globus tours reviews, such as: “Firstly we booked through Yvonne who was extremely helpful and very knowledgable about planning our trip. She assisted us all the way through. She checked that we received all the documents before we left. We felt we were in good hands at all times. We traveled with Globus Journeys who were extremely professional with all their planning. Our tour guide Pasquell was always organized and we always were ahead of the crowds.”

There are quite a few tours with Globus that have similar reviews about “France and The Best of Italy”: “This was the first time I’ve gone with a completely organized tour and I have to say that the entire experience was great. The places we visited were super but the best part of the tour and why it was so successful was how good our Tour Director was.”

Looking around other sources for comments and Globus tours reviews, we generally like to check TripAdvisor for reviews, since to a large extent they are balanced. We can find the following on TripAdvisor:

  • “Italy is indeed a wonderful place to visit, but I certainly would NOT give glowing Globus tours reviews unless your idea of visiting a country is that you are crammed into a big autobus with over 40 (yes, 40) of you best friends (not) or other people for 3 weeks. On those days when you have a chance to view something, the guides want to tack on a giant extra fee to gothis For example, a 20-30 dollar surcharge to get into a museum. Instead, I suggest tour companies like Intrepid or Imaginative Traveler.”
  • “We did the guided walking tour of Rome without the dinner for 37 euro. It was a nice tour. We saw the Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps and Pantheon. The bad part was that it involved a bunch of walking on the exact same day that we went on the included Colosseum and Vatican tours. We saw most of Rome in one fast day. With  respect to Globus, we think they should add another day to see all of this.”
  • “The upside of this tour is that it takes you to all these cities and have you set up in convenient hotel locations. You will definitely see all the listed attractions that they mention in the tour brochure. Upon arriving at each place, local tour guides will take over and explain all the places of interests in its historical and cultural settings.
  • There are lots of opportunities to look arounds on your own and to do your shopping.
  • Downsides: The extra payments for additional excursions that are sometimes over-rated… You never know how good it is going to be unless you talk to others who have gone on the tour,.  Due to the over-rated reviews of excursions, I found it hard to completly trust the word of the guide anymore. She also could not give us more restaurant recommendations past the first one that she recommended.
  • They gave us a questionnaire half-way through upon leaving Venice to return to Rome. It was not anonymous — our names were printed on it instead. The Director of the Tour asked us to evaluate her as ‘Excellent’ because of the favor she did for us.”
  • “We had a wonderful time and got to see just about everything we planned on seeing. Also had some time to see Rome on our own. … Overall, Globus did a good job and we would recommend these tours, and I would give good Globus tours reviews.”
  • “We have used Globus twice and thought it was a good introduction to new areas, The hotels were good although the locations were not the best, food was okay although a bit bland, the guides were pretty good and the buses were comfortable. The downside is that you spend a lot of time on the bus and do not always get to see what you want to see although there is free time. to explore on your own You do feel rushed and there are times when you would like to linger and can’t. It is tiring.”

The general drift of most reviews on Globus Journeys is that the tours are complete, and get to all the places that they visit, but often a tour seems rushed, not enough time is spent in some places according to individual priorities, and people are not extremely happy about the cost of additional excursions.

Best Reviews Guru would like to make the following comments:

  • Globus Journeys’ tours are lower cost than most competitors. Lower cost tours usually have additional excursions that cost extra. If you know that going in, your expectation level will be more accurate, and you will not be surprised to have to pay for excursions. We have found that many tour companies oversell the value of their own excursions. We think that a better strategy for the companies is to include most of the extra excursions in the cost of the overall tour, and only have the little extra trips cost extra.
  • Globus Journeys’ tours are faster than the competitors. If you review the number of cities that are visited in the number of tour days, generally you will find that it is faster than other tour operators. This is reflected in a number of the comments. You should consider keeping some time to yourself, and not take an excursion or two, so that you can relax.
  • We would say that generally, the comments for Globus Journeys reviews indicate that the most frequent complaint is that sometimes the hotel rooms are not so great. Our comment is that you get what you pay for, and Globus Journeys tours cost less than the competition.

Scouring Facebook, we come up with the following:

  • “My wealthy friends all took Globus Journeys and said it was much better. So I went with their advice and they were right. Though I have never gone with Trafalgar tours. I think I am goning to stick to Globus Journeys.”
  • “I’m giving Globus Journeys very positive reviews! Their tour guides are experienced, bus drivers are capable and excellent, and the tours are well run. I have done separate France and Italy tours. I “

The website gives a standard canned explanation of Globus tours reviews that is positive. However most Globus tours reviews that you see are about 80% good and 20% bad. That’s a good ratio!  Reading the reviews, you get the impression that when someone does not like a Globus Journeys tour, they really do not like it!

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Globus Tours Reviews – Tours to Italy

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  • Reply Admin at Best Reviews May 14, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    Yours is a comment I have read numerous times, for a variety of tour operators. In other places in this site I have mentioned that sometimes 20% or maybe even more rate their tours as horrible. Road Scholar gets pretty good ratings, but of course that is for over 50’s.

  • Reply ma.penguinkeeper April 1, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    Too much time on a bus with sick people. Too many sad, childish rest stops at sad places claiming to be museums, child-like rules to rotate our seats because “each seat has a unique view and it’s only fair that everyone gets the same opportunity??” It’s just a bus, except for the front seat the view is just about the same. This RULE led to fights over all the seating and eventually caused us to leave the tour all together. I was literally yelled at by this old guy for sitting in his seat. NO access to ask questions to the tour guide after being left at the hotels each night and not before breakfast the next morning. (5)

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